Tekken 7 Rage Arts Finishing Moves Showcased For All Characters

Tekken 7 Rage Arts are finishing moves, and each character has their own. These unique, choreographed moves are meant to add some flair to the fight, making the end more flashy. The game comes out today, and there are already videos showcasing all Tekken 7 Rage Arts. If you haven’t bought the game yet, they’re a great way to get acquainted with the characters.

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tekken 7 rage arts finishing moves
Tekken 7 all Rage Arts

Tekken 7 finisher moves

Here are some of our favorite match-ending moves:

  • Akuma – Dishes out several punches so quickly you can only see flashes of light. When he finishes, you can see him standing still nex to the opponent’s body.
  • Kazuya – Uppercuts the enemy into the air, concentrates and shoots a ball of lightning at them, briefly turning into a demon.
  • Heihachi – Launches the enemy into the air using an uppercut, then waits for them to fall down and slams them with a lightnign attack.
  • Yoshimitsu – Uses his swords to quickly cut the enemy several times, until they explode.
  • King – Lifts up the opponent, turns them upside down, then slams their head into the ground.
  • Panda – Launches the opponent into the air, then uses their body to play volleyball.
  • Nina – Jumps at the other fighter and starts doing acrobatic tricks around them, before slamming them into the ground and breaking their arm.
  • Kazumi – Uses an uppercut to get the enemy into the air, then jumps and dishes out several quick punches while they’re both in the air, before punching them into the ground.
  • Master Raven – Teleports around the arena, cutting the opponent with her blade.
  • Jin – A flurry of punches, ending with a strong direct laced with red lightning.
  • Devil Jin – Flies into the air, hits enemy from all direction, then shoots them with a laser.

If you want to check out a complete breakdown of all the finishing moves, make sure you watch the video below.

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