Tekken 7 Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Coming in August

The upcoming Tekken 7 DLC will add an old fan-favorite. The first major DLC pack for the game, coming out in August, will bring back the Tekken Bowl minigame. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a bowling game where you control one of the characters from Tekken 7. And, yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

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Tekken 7 Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Coming in August
Tekken 7 Ultimate Tekken Bowl DLC Coming in August

The upcoming summer DLC for Tekken 7 will certainly delight many long-standing Tekken fans. While not a major complaint, a lot of Tekken 7 players that have been with the franchise for a while have remarked that it’s missing some of the flavor from the older entries – the silly minigames. These various modes usually serve to kinda let you relax from the intense fighting. There were many of them: Tekken Volleyball, Tekken Force (a classic arcade-style beat-em-up mode), and many more.

Well, starting August, Tekken 7 will get Ultimate Tekken Bowl. Players will be able to take their favorite fighters to the bowling alley and knock down some pins. Tekken Bowl also got a trailer video, which you can check out below. It shows us some gameplay starting from the 1:38 mark. Before that, it’s just Katsuhiro Harada walking into a bowling alley in slow-motion, with heavy metal blaring in the background.

True, the video doesn’t show us too much, but it’s probably enough to get everybody that has played this mode before excited. And even those that have never played it before, come to think of it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to knock down several golden Heihachi-busts after getting their face kicked in by him in the game proper?

There’s no exact launch date for the DLC for know, we only know that it’s coming in August. As for the planned Winter 2017 and Spring 2018 DLCs, they’ll be bringing one new character each. Both will be guests from other games, and they’ll each get their own stage. Now, if only Namco would bring Tekken Force back. Please? Pretty please, Namco?

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