The Evil Within 2 Trailer Tells Stefano Valentini's Story

We’ll get to meet some memorable villains in The Evil Within 2. One of them is the flashy photographer Stefano Valentini. In the newest trailer, we get to hear his story, and learn more about his role in the STEM world Union.

The Evil Within 2 Stefano Valentini Photographer and His Story Trailer
The Evil Within 2 Trailer Tells Stefano Valentini’s Story

We’ve learned that he was a war photographer before, and that he lost his eye in an explosion. At the start of the trailer, we can even see the last photo he took while having both eyes in place. According to Stefano, the loss transitioned into a gift, as it gave him a vision of the beauty of the moment when death takes a person.

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It is not clear how Stefano made his way into the STEM world. What is clear is that, unlike the others, he enjoys the madness within. It gives him an opportunity to engage in his pursuit of art.

For him, Union is a haven, a perfect canvas granting him the power of unbridled creation, with no one to distract him from his pursuit of artistic perfection.

It almost feels like Sebastian is a bad guy here, trying to stop Valentini from doing his thing. This feeling abruptly ends once you find out Stefano set his eye on Lily as his next project. Sebastian is a good guy after all, hooray!

This is not the first time we hear about Stefano. One of the creatures he made debuted in the announcement trailer, back in June. It is really hard to forget the enemy that crawls around the room with a vintage camera. You’ll also spot Stefano in this video for a brief moment, as he kills one of the Mobius agents with a brief flash of the camera.

The biggest Stefano info dump we got was in the “Survive” gameplay trailer. We could hear his thoughts, and how he sees Sebastian as a major threat.

You’ll get to shake hands with Stefano once the game goes live, on Friday the 13th of October. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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