The Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow Weapon Location

The Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow is one of the most important weapons in the game. You don’t start with it, and you’ll have to find it. This weapon makes a comeback from the previous game, as its utilities are something that made it so famous. We’ve put together our guide to show you the Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow location, and some other additional information.

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Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow Weapon
The Evil Within 2 Warden Crossbow Weapon Location

Where to Find Warden Crossbow in Evil Within 2?

The first Warden Crossbow you can find is located in the southwestern Residential Area. You get here fairly early, at the start of the game. During Chapter 3, as you finally find yourself in the Union (the STEM world town), you’ll get an objective to get into O’Neal’s safe house.

As you leave O’Neal’s safe house and make a few steps toward the road, a short cutscene will start, and it will show Union falling apart. The viewpoint will pan toward the end of the street. At this point, just follow the street toward its end. If you bring up your communicator, it will spot a fallen Mobius operative at this location. If you check the map, you can see that this certain agent is hiding the weapon where he is. The warden crossbow is found just behind a white Humvee, close to what seems to be a roadblock. It’s on a grey box, next to a dead Mobius agent. It also comes with one Shock Bolt, which we suggest you keep, and not spend it right away.

TEW2 Warden Crossbow Weapon Location
At the end of the street, behind the white Humvee.
The Warden Crossbow can be upgraded at the work benches found in safe houses. Once you pick the weapon up, and collect enough weapon parts, you can go back and make it better. The things you’ll probably implement to improve your crossbow are ammo capacity, reload time, fire rate and power. There is also another weapon-based upgrade, based on Sebastian’s skills. Go to Sebastian’s Room (broken mirror, near safe houses) and sit on the chair at the end of the hallway.

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