The Last Guardian Release Date Revealed

The Last Guardian, the next long awaited project from the team behind Ico and Shadow of Colossus, finally has a release date. Sony have also released a new trailer for the game, with footage shown at E3 2016.

The story revolves around a boy who befriends a strange, giant creature, a mix between a cat and a bird, judging by the looks of it.
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Together, they solve spatial puzzles for some reason or another. The video shows off some of the dangers we can expect, as well as another specimen of the strange cat-bird, who might not be as friendly.

The game is mostly famous for being announced, delayed, cancelled and reannounced for almost ten years. It’s finally going to hit the shelves this autumn, and it’s going to be the first game with Fumito Ueda’s signature since 2005. There’s not much info on it floating around, as both the deveoper and the publisher are trying not to spoil the experience for players. There’s bound to be more info as the release date approaches, but don’t expect too much – they want players to go in blind.

The Last Guardian is going to be released exclusively on Playstation 4, on October 25th. Porting it to other platforms is almost certainly out of the question, sadly.

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