The Last of Us 2 Inside the Story Trailer Highlights Approach to Narrative

Naughty Dog and Sony have released a new trailer for The Last of Us 2. The video centers around the developers talking about how they went about creating the story of the sequel and some of the challenges they encountered on the way. They also talk about the challenges of including some really dark themes, developing already existing characters further, and more.

The Last of Us 2 Inside the Story Trailer Highlights Approach to Narrative
The Last of Us 2 Inside the Story Trailer Highlights Approach to Narrative

So, what exactly can we learn from this new trailer? Well, for one thing, we get to hear from the development team how they created the game’s story. We get hints of their thought process, and how they dealt with the fact that they had to follow up a huge hit like the first Last of Us. And, of course, the new themes that the sequel will be exploring, such as revenge and the cycle of violence. And, of course, how Joel’s and Ellie’s relatively peaceful life gets uprooted into another slice of Hell on Earth.

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Now, of course, if you’ve had the misfortune of some douchenozzle spoiling the story for you, then you might not get as much from the trailer. Then again, maybe this trailer will put the things you already know into a wider context. Either way, I think it’s always fascinating to hear how people’s creative processes work. The fact that Naughty Dog aren’t letting the spoilers bog them down too much is pretty commendable. That said, it would be nice if they treated their workers better, even if the leak wasn’t from inside, but that’s besides the point.

The Last of Us 2 is coming out on June 19th, 2020, at long last and after a troubled production cycle. Not that their troubles have stopped, of course. The game is, naturally, going to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive on launch. That does not in any way mean there won’t be a PlayStation 5 remaster down the pipeline. Until then, you can check out the “Inside the Story” trailer below.

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