Tomb Raider Cairn Raider Challenge

Tomb Raider Cairn Raider Challenge objective: Find and loot five Cairns on the Shipwreck Beach.

Cairn Raider no.1

After the Gondola ride, proceed to the right until you reach a small pool with a rock in the middle.
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You should remove 2 buoys in order to climb up on the rock.

Cairn Raider no.2

Cairn no.2 is on the rock facing the destroyed Japanese Army tank, just south from the fast travel camp.

Cairn Raider no.3

After the Gondola ride proceed to the beach and you will come across a rock spire. Follow the path which leads to the top and you will find the next Cairn.

Cairn Raider no.4

Once you reach a Shanty tower in the second part of the Shipwreck beach map, follow the path around the tower and you will come across the Cairn. no.4.

Cairn Raider no.5

From the top of the tower use a Zipline to reach the cliff across from you. Turn right and you will find the last Cairn on the cliff’s edge.



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