Tomb Raider First Mission Scavenger’s Den

Very first mission in Tomb Raider is half a tutorial and half a proper mission that helps you learn the ropes in this reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. It should not be much of a challenge for old Tomb Raider players, but for newcomers you might get confused by the first mini puzzle.
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Follow the screenshots bellow if you are not sure what to do.Tomb Raider First Mission Walkthrough

Scavenger’s Den

You first find yourself hanging from the ceiling upside down in a weird cave. Swinging yourself and burning the ropes you manage to free yourself. As you progress through the cave you will be guided by the tutorial of the game. You should arrive to a larger space inside the cave that has water flowing all around and your passage blocked by rocks and debris. Your objective is to open up a passage using your torch and surroundings.Next section is action filled, but all you need to do is follow the on-screen instructions to complete it. As you exit the cave the game really begins with you reaching…

Coastal Bluffs

This part is rather straight forward. You need to cross across a fallen tree, while maintaining your balance and climb across a crashed airplane, but you get in-game tutorial directions while performing these actions so you should be in the clear.
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  1. Is there a trick to when Lara gets attacked after u get ur torch?

    1. G

      You need to tap left-right directional keys on your keyboard (if playing PC) and tap the F key repeatedly when it shows on the screen to do so.

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