Tomb Raider Ghost Hunter Challenge

Tomb Raider Ghost Hunter Challenge objective: Destroy ten Skull Totems in the Coastal Forest.
Reward: Bonus XP.
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Ghost Hunter no.1

The first Skull Totem can be found near Sheltered Cliff base camp. It hangs from the tree. Use your bow to destroy it.

Ghost Hunter no.2

The second Ghost Hunter Skull Totem hangs from the branch, the same one you jumped on while serching for the bow.

Ghost Hunter no.3

The third Skull Totem can be found under the log bridge, in the first part of the map.

Ghost Hunter no.4

The fourth Ghost Hunter Skull Totem is located in the first part of the map, just west from the river, near the wooden scrabble wall.

Ghost Hunter no.5

The fifth Skull Totem is slightly to the east from the base camp. It hangs from a rock where you can find arrows.

Ghost Hunter no.6

In the second part of the map you can find Ghost Hunter Skull Totem no. 6 under the collapsed bridge.

Ghost Hunter no.7

Go down the stairs from the Fores Ruins camp, and you will come across a small bridge. At the end of the bridge, turn left and you will find the Skull totem hanging from the branch.

Ghost Hunter no.8

Under the first wooden bridge near the Forest Ruins camp you will find Ghost Hunter Skull Totem no. 8.

Ghost Hunter no.9

When you reach the main gate to the temple, look to the right and you will find Ghost Hunter Skull Totem no.9

Ghost Hunter no.10

The last Ghost Hunter Skull Totem can be found in the second part of the Coastal Forest map, just above the smashed Sun Goddess statue.



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    John P Bray

    So helpful. Thanks so much.

    1. G

      You’re welcome 🙂

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    Dimas Andhika

    Much Obliged Brother…

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    Thank you for the info, love yaa

  4. J

    Thank you for all the levels that it helped me!!

  5. O

    From what I’ve done, and seen, #9 cannot be gotten once you progress past this area the first time. I’ve come back to this area and picked up this challenge, and worked my way through the rest, and this one is NOT here when I reach the temple.

    1. A

      Really? I was able to find it after game completion.

  6. L

    Starved for the last token, now finally 100% thanks to your guidance. You da real mvp!

  7. K

    Setting my PC on fire now. I can’t find ONE and I have gone through and went back to each spot and can’t figure out which it is that I don’t have. It is literally the last thing I have to find in the whole game. x_x But this did help me find a couple of them. <3

    1. A

      It’s the same for me I’ve found nine but there is one that I can’t find I’ve gone over every spot at least three times and still can’t find it? Any help will be great

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    I’ve gone over every place suggested and there is still one I can’t find? Any help will be brilliant

  9. M

    Very helpful! Thank you for showing the locations on the map. These buggers are hard to find!

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