Tomb Raider Illumination Challenge

Tomb Raider Illumination Challenge objective: Light a fire on ten Statues in the Mountain Village area.

We strongly suggest you to continue the main objective until you obtain a rope arrow and a Fire starter and then return to finish this challenge.

Reward: Bonus XP.
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Illumination no.1

The first Statue is at the beginning of the mission, in front of the base camp in the Mountain Village.

Illumination no.2

After the plain crashes, look for the tail end of the plain. On the cliff above it you can find the next statue.

Illumination no.3

From the location where you have found the tail end of the plane, use a long zipline and you will find the next statue.

Illumination no.4

From the point where you have found the statue no. 3 use a zipline to climb upper. This zipline leads you directly to the next statue.

Illumination no.5

Climb up the waterfall and you will see a gallows in front of a ruined shack. On the cliff next to the shack you can find a statue.

Illumination no.6

This statue can be found in the passage between left and right part of the Mountain Village. At the entrance you will find two statues, proceed further and you will find a statue under the crashed bridge at the top of the waterfall.

Illumination no.7

When you reach the area of the Mountain Village with many rock pillars, you can find a statue on the cliff near the small waterfall.

Illumination no.8

The next statue can be found on the highest rock pillar, in the second part of the Mountain Village.

Illumination no.9

Once you escape from the Chasm Monastery, the main story will lead you to the last camp site in the Mountain Village. Turn left and you will find a statue on the edge of the waterfall.

Illumination no.10

After the last camp proceed little further and use rope arrow to reach the cliff across from you. Follow the path and cross the Japanese gate structure. The statue is nearby.