1. Would have NEVER found this one! Thanks

  2. E

    Image trying to find this one at night, considering it does NOT glow in the sense mode. It was pure pixel hunting based on this screen shot.

  3. G

    I am glad if this helped you guys

  4. E

    Hi thanks man! Been running for hours in the night looking for this very last one. Miss this one during the daytime. How in the world are we suppose to locate this one during night time?There is no highlight during SENSE MODE and you barely can see it floating in the seas. (-__- “)

  5. Gah! I was staring RIGHT AT that one for the longest time before I actually SAW it! 😛

  6. A

    BullShit! I searched this one for hours.
    It just didn’t do anything when using “survival Instinct” >>>>:(((((

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