Tomb Raider Sun Killer Challenge Locations

Tomb Raider Sun Killer Challenge objective: Shoot five Sun Totems in the Research Base. The Totems are very small and it’s hard to spot them.
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Sun killer no.1

Once you reach the Research base go through the crack in the wall. The lightbulb will be in front of you, and the first totem is hanging from a beam behind the lightbulb.

Sun killer no.2

When you reach the first camp in the Research base, smash the door located slightly to the right. Look up and you will see the next sun totem.

Sun killer no.3

Look through the window and you will spot the next sun totem.

Sun killer no.4

At the bottom of the elevator shaft, look to the right and you will find the fourth sun totem.

Sun killer no.5

Proceed further and you will come across a wire fence. Look through the fence and you will see the last sun totem.



  1. M

    I’m currently at 99 percent completion. I missed the first sun killer totem. I can’t seem to find my way back to the top of the research base. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. V

      Use “fast travel” option in any base camp to return to Research Lab Base camp.

      1. It doesn’t get u up to the first 1 on the fast travel!

    2. The first sun killer totem isn’t actually on the very first part that you can’t climb up back to, but rather in the area between the base camp and the location of the ceremonial helmet relic. Go to base camp, and start making your way towards the very first area with the water, but before crouching through the first opening you reach, turn around. You’ll be right where the images for the 1st sun killer show. I hope you find it. 🙂

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