How to Break Rock Walls Tower of Fantasy

If you want to know how to break rock walls in Tower of Fantasy, you’ve come to the right place. While you might think you have to do something super-special, that’s not the case. You just need to get the right tool for the job. That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this guide. Let’s begin.

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how to break rock walls & get chest tower of fantasy
How to Break Rock Walls in Tower of Fantasy

How to Break Tower of Fantasy Rock Walls & Get Chest

To break the cracked rock walls in Tower of Fantasy and get the chest (or chests) that lie inside, you’ll have to first obtain the Missile Barrage relic. This is pretty simple; just keep going through the main missions, and eventually, you’ll get the quest called Ruin A-01. The game takes you through the whole thing; just follow the marks on the map, and you’ll be fine. Almost as soon as you enter the Ruin, you’ll get the Missile Barrage relic and learn how to use it. From there, just keep going through the steps and following the quest marker until you explore the entirety of the ruins. When you do that, the game will take you back at the front door of the ruins.

So, that’s how you break Tower of Fantasy big rocks and get the chest (or chests) behind them. In fact, once you’re back in front of the ruins, turn your back to the door. In the distance, to the northwest, you’ll see a breakable cliff wall. So, go over there and use the Missile Barrage relic to blow them up. Then, hop onto the platform you just revealed and open the Type I supply pod. It gave us some Astra Exploration Points, 176 Gold, 1671 EXP, 20 Dark Crystals, and one Black Nucleus. Pretty good haul, compared to the truly minimal effort you need to put in. The only “puzzle” here is getting the tools you actually need in order to break the rocks down.

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