Tower of Fantasy Can’t See Friends Solution

Playing with your friends has always been one of the most important aspects of online games. As an MMORPG, Tower of Fantasy is no different in this regard. Since it was specifically designed with co-op in mind, you will definitely want to bring along some friends with you on this journey. But what to do if you can’t see your friends, and thus can’t play with your friends in ToF? Well, there are several things that can work as a solution to the Tower of Fantasy Can’t See Friends problem, and we are going to go over all of them right here in this guide so that you can get back to playing coop with your friends.

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Tower of Fantasy Can’t See Friends Solution

What to Do if You Can’t See Your Friends in Tower of Fantasy

So, in case you can’t see your friends in ToF, the first thing that you need to be aware of is that all of you need to be on the same server and on the same Channel. Changing your Channel can be a bit confusing, so we’ll explain this process right here. When you are in the game, look to the upper-left corner of your screen. You will see a camera icon and below it which Channel you are currently in. Press this Channel icon. This will bring up a text box where you will be able to change the Channel you are in. For example, if you are currently in Channel 105 and want to go to Channel 101, change the text in this text box to “Go 101 line” and then press Ok. We also have a video that shows this process in action.

Once you have done that and everyone is on the same server and channel, now you can make your party. And if you still can’t see your friends (or they you) that means that someone is in the safe zone, or that they first need to finish the quest that they are in the middle of.

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