How to Get Omnium Beast Tower of Fantasy Mount

Figuring out how to get the Omnium Beast Tower of Fantasy mount is a problem. Unlocking this mech requires you to find three different components by exploring the world. That’s easier said then done, because all three of them are fairly difficult to locate. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll show you where to find the Omnium Beast cockpit, left arm and right arm in order to unlock the mount.

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how to get omnium beast tower of fantasy mount
How to Get Omnium Beast Tower of Fantasy Mount

How to Unlock Tower of Fantasy Omnium Beast Mount

To unlock and get the Omnium Beast mount in Tower of Fantasy, you have to gather the three components: the cockpit, left arm, and right arm. We’ll begin with the left arm, since it’s technically the easiest to get. Go to the southernmost teleport waypoint in the Banges region, and then head straight north. You’ll come across a bunker closed by a force field. Interact with the keypad on the right side of the door and enter the code 1647. Open the supply pod to get the first component.

tower of fantasy omnium beast mount how to unlock
Left arm location (click to zoom in)

The second component, the cockpit, is a little more difficult. Teleport to Spacerift: Signal Station Ruins in the southwest of the Banges region and keep going west until you come across the oil rig. Talk to the Hyena Guard and select the first dialogue choice twice. Now, travel to the Banges Dock waypoint and talk to Lozwall the Port Guard. He will give you a code. Go back to the rig and talk to the guard again. To get the Omnium Beast mount cockpit in Tower of Fantasy, pick the third dialogue choice twice. Go into the rig and collect the component from the supply pod next to the large spotlight.

Lastly, the right arm of the Omnium Beast. This one is going to be annoying. As is the case with the Chaser mount, you’ll have to farm world bosses. In this case, it’s the Behemoths. Those are the huge, fleshy, muscly creatures dotted around Banges and Navia. The arm is a very rare drop, so be prepared to kill a lot of these before the RNG gods look upon you favorably.

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