Valheim Comfort Level

Comfort level is one of the stats in Valheim. It isn’t tied to your character – instead, it is governed by the advancement of your base. In affects the duration of your well rested buff, which is crucial when visiting areas like the swamp, where it rains all the time. The buff helps with health and stamina regeneration, and you’ll want it for as long as possible – exploring without it can be dangerous. This guide will explain how to increase comfort level in Valheim, so that you can stay out safely for longer periods of time.

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valheim comfort level how to increase
Valheim Comfort Level

How to increase comfort level?

In short, the more comfortable your home is, the higher the comfort level. Each level will increase the duration of the well rested buff by about one minute.

It’s pretty simple really – you’ll need to invest in your home if you want the buff to last longer. A basic fire will give you a point, shelter will give you more, and any piece of furniture you place in a 10 meter radius will help as well. Some pieces of furniture don’t stack, so figuring out the best setup is a bit complicated, but it’s possible to get up to level 17 comfort the way things are now. That’s 24 minutes of having the well rested buff after you leave.

A campfire in a shelter will give you comfort level 3. Here’s a good setup that will help you increase it further:

  • Replace the campfire with an indoor hearth once you get a stonecutter, for +2.
  • Put down a bed for +1 as soon as you can, then replace it with a dragon bed for +2.
  • The wolf, deer and lox rugs will give you +1 each (additional rugs of the same kind do nothing).
  • Add a chair for +2.
  • Add a table for +1
  • Add a hanging brazier for +1. Having more than one won’t count, although it will look nicer.
  • Add a banner for +1. Again, additional banners won’t increase the comfort level, but they look nice.
  • Build the raven throne for +2.
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