How to Get Bone Tower Shield - Valheim

If you’re wondering how to get the Bone Tower Shield in Valheim, you’re in the right place. The new shield not only looks cool, but also offers quite a decent bit of protection, so of course you want to know how to make the Bone Tower Shield as soon as possible. Well, you will have to put in the work, as is the case with everything in Valheim. So, without further ado, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

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how to get bone tower shield valheim
How to Get Bone Tower Shield – Valheim

How to Make Bone Tower Shield in Valheim

To make and get the Valheim Bone Tower Shield, you’ll need the three ingredients listed below, in the specified amounts. Also, you’re going to need a level 3 workbench. In case you don’t know how to upgrade your workbench, check out our How to Upgrade Workbench guide. Basically, you need to build a chopping block, a tanning rack, an adze, and a tool shelf in the vicinity of the workbench. So, with all that said, here’s what you need for the shield itself.

  • Skeleton Trophies x3
  • Bone Fragments x10
  • Wood x10

Out of the three materials, wood is by far the easiest. It’s just regular wood that drops from any old tree. As for the skeleton trophies and bone fragments, well, that’s a different matter. Both of these drop from skeletons, for one. You can find them near burial mounds / viking graveyards in the Black Forest and the Meadows, but the best overall area to farm skeletons in is definitely the Swamp biome. The place is lousy with the bony buggers.

Now, the hardest part when it comes to how to get and make the Bone Tower Shield in Valheim is getting the skeleton trophies. Why? Because they drop bone fragments with fair regularity, so that’s no problem, but you have about a 10% chance to get a skeleton trophy. So, you might have to grind quite a bit if the gods of RNG aren’t on your side. Good luck!

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