Valheim Swamp Location - How to Find Swamp

Swamp is one of the biomes in Valheim. It’s an area that’s not meant for low-level players to wander into – many are having trouble finding it, and many more are having trouble surviving in it. If you’re part of either group, our Valheim swamp location guide will show you how to find the swamp, which armor to invest in so you can deal with the Draugr.

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valheim swamp location how to find swamp
Valheim Swamp Location – How to Find Swamp

How to find swamp in Valheim

The map in Valheim is randomly generated, so there’s no telling where swamps might appear on your map specifically. There are some rules, though, which can help you find it more easily.

First of all, swamps never appear on the starting island. So don’t even thing about finding one before you have a boat or a raft at your disposal. The islands closest to the starting one also probably won’t have them – you’ll have to venture a bit farther away. They mostly appear on coasts, and you can easily spot them from the boat, which means finding one will boil down to sailing until you see it. The map shows them as brown, which can also help you pinpoint swamps you may have missed – sometimes they’re pretty small.

Valheim swamp tips

Here are some tips on how to make your stay in the swamps of Valheim more pleasant:

  • Parry instead of blocking – bring a bronze buckler with you.
  • Set up a makeshift base so you can rest – the rested buff helps with stamina loss from the rain.
  • Swamp monsters are generally weak to blunt damage, so bring a mace.
  • Poison resistance mead is a must, at least at first.
  • Avoid the water like the plague – leeches only appear in water.
  • Use a hoe to raise land and create a dry, safe path through the area.
  • Place glowing mushrooms around the path to guide you. If you want it to look nice, you can build posts with item stands on top, then place the mushrooms on them – it’ll make them look like cute little street lights.
  • Kite enemies whenever possible so you deal with them one on one. Even better, avoid combat whenever you can.
  • When you run into a blocked passage in a crypt, don’t destroy it all – make a hole you can shoot through, then deal with any enemies on the other side before widening the hole.

Best armor for swamp

When you first reach the swamp, you probably won’t have anything better than bronze armor. Upgrade it as much as you can, and look for crypts in the marsh. They usually have iron – once you have some, start crafting iron armor. It won’t do much for the poison, but it does wonders against Draugr.

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