Watch Dogs 2 Aiden Pearce Easter Egg

Aiden Pearce makes an appearance in Watch Dogs 2. If you’re not familiar with the name, he was the protagonist of the previous game.
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You can find him during one of the side missions. You won’t meet face to face, and he’ll get just a bit of screen time, but if you were a fan of the first game, you’re probably going to be happy with it. When you’ve helped him, you’ll unlock The Fox achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Aiden Pearce easter egg in Watch Dogs 2, where to find it.

Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs 2

In order to meet the famed Fox, who single-handedly took down ctOS in Chicago, tore through the mob’s ranks and more, you’ll have to engage in the Shadows side operation. After a couple of steps of regular mission stuff, you’ll get the task to help Pearce out.

You’ll find him trapped in a Bratva bunker. There will be several guards in the area, but you can take them out pretty easily. You’ll end up at a control panel, which will let you tap into the cam in his cell. After you distract the guard patrolling the prison (while watching through the cam), Pearce will take the cue and knock him out. He’ll give you a knowing nod and get on with his escape.

So, you won’t be really meeting him, but you will help the legend live on by facilitating his escape and enabling him to keep doing what he does best. If you’re wondering why he wasn’t chosen as the protagonist this time around, the developers have said that they needed someone younger, more positive and without a dark past. Aiden didn’t fit the theme, or the place. Hacktivism in the San Francisco Bay Area needed a brighter character.