Watchdogs 2 Free 3 Hour Trial

Watch Dogs 2 announced a free trial for everyone who wants to try out the game. The only downside is that it lasts for 3 hours only. You will be able to try out both single-player and multiplayer aspects of the game. If you are interested, check out your PlayStation or Xbox store.

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Watchdogs 2 Free 3 Hour Trial
Watch Dogs 2 Concept art
  • Explore a massive and dynamic open-world offering an incredible variety of gameplay possibilities.
  • Hack into the city’s infrastructure, every connected device, and everyone’s personal database. Take control of drones, cars, cranes, security robots, and much more.
  • Use hacking and stealth to complete missions without killing a single enemy or combine hacking and your weapons for a more ferocious approach.
  • Stay connected to your friends with a brand new seamless multiplayer experience that includes both Co-op and Player vs. Player activities, all available in a shared open world experience.

You can start downloading the demo at any time, there are no date restrictions. Your save progress will carry over to the main game, should you choose to purchase Watch Dogs 2. The game size is around 26 GB, but you can start playing the first mission once you download 12 gigabytes.

PlayStation 4 owners can start downloading on January 17th, and Xbox users on January 24th. Achievements are not available for demos and trials on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. For Xbox One players, any achievements you would have earned will unlock once you’ve purchased the full game.

You will be playing as Marcus Holloway, a young hacker that will team up with Dedsec, the famous group of notorious hackers. You will work together to take down San Francisco’s advanced surveillance system. Each mission can be completed in multiple ways, giving you complete freedom in the way you approach and execute the objective.

Unfortunately, the PC version of the demo is not available. Hopefully, we will see it in the future.

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