blue puzzles second room


  1. M

    Got the 4th puzzle in this picture by accident. But I have no clue how this one works. The way I did the other 4 is to create a shape with the yellow shapes that encloses them all and than use the blue shape(s) to erase some of the yellows. But I cant recreate this on the 4th puzzle

    1. V

      4th one is where I got stuck as well. Don’t understand what the solution is. Worked on it for at least 30 minutes, rest make sense just cant figure this one out. Anyone have the solution process?

      1. V

        Just to preempt, obviously I see the solution but wonder how it was arrived at is what I mean.

  2. S

    I finally got it. I was using the wrong rule, in which I’d have to use the blue squares to remove parts of the yellow pieces BEFORE placing a new yellow piece. But you can place all your pieces even if they overlap, then see what the blue squares cancel out.
    So here, the L block on the second row is placed at the top right corner (no rotation), the L block first row last column is placed at the bottom left without rotation, and the reverse L block from the lower left is placed at the bottom right, no rotation. That means the two middle columns from the second row are occupied, and the two middle columns from the first row are occupied TWICE. Using the blue square there cancels the second row and one occurrence in the first row, leaving the shape in the answer.

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