WoW Classic Angry Scytheclaws - Sunscale Raptor Nest Locations

Angry Scytheclaws is a quest in World of Warcraft Classic. It’s a horde quest, available in the Barrens. It involves hunting a rare species of sunscale raptors, collecting their feathers, then using them to mark the beasts’ nests to show them you’re not afraid. The quest’s description points you in a direction, but it leaves much to be desired. If you’re having trouble collecting sunscale feathers, or finding the red, blue and yellow raptor nests, this guide will show them to you, helping you complete WoW Classic Angry Scytheclaws quest.

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wow classic angry scytheclaw quest
WoW Classic Angry Scytheclaws – Sunscale Raptor Nest Locations

This quest is part of a series that involves hunting different kinds of prey. You can start the quest by talking to Sergra Darkthorn, an orc at the Crossroads. You’ll find her by the side of the road, near the inn.

Where to find Sunscale Raptors?

The quest description says you can look for the raptors to the east. We’ve found a good many of them by following the road southeast from Crossroads. Look for raptors with purple scales – both the screechers and the scytheclaws can drop the feathers. You only need three, and if you don’t have luck there, you can head to the nests – there will be a handful of raptors there, but you’ll have to wait for them to respawn.

Red, blue, yellow raptor nest locations

The nests are barely noticeable, just a ring with a football-sized egg inside. They’re all huddled together around a hill, near a giant skeleton. You’ll find them on the east side of the road south of the Crossroads, before the bridge. If you’re using an add-on that shows coordinates, you’ll find the yellow nest at 52,46, the blue one at 53,46 and the red nest at 52,47. In order to place the feathers inside, simply right-click the nests.

Once you’re finished, go back to Sergra and you’ll get your rewards. This includes nine silver, 1250 experience points and Orgrimmar faction reputation. It’ll also allow you to do the next hunting quest.

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