WoW Classic Early Skinning, Mining and Other Profession Trainer Locations

You created a fresh new character in World of Warcraft Classic and want to get on that crafting leveling ASAP, but can’t remember where the first profession trainers are at? We had the same problem. It is important to start leveling up your crafting profession immediately. It would be a shame to waste all those copper ore or leathers from boars and wendigos as you explore the starting zones. Besides, you might want to be that guy that leveled up his character purely through herbalism. (This is a true story). We’re here to help with the closest locations of skinning, mining and other profession trainers to the starting areas in WoW Classic. We will cover both Horde and Alliance and break it up to each race starting area.

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wow classic Early Skinning Mining and Other Profession Trainer Locations

Where to find the first profession trainers in WoW Classic?

Most profession trainers are located in major cities, but there are some located closer to starting areas of each race. The easiest way to locate them is to talk to guard NPCs located close to inns and major hubs. Although they don’t have a prompt and look like you can’t interact with them you actually can. Right click on any guard NPC and then you should be able to ask him where all the close by NPCs are at, including profession trainers. Some races do not have certain trainers near the start. Elves don’t have mining for example. You should then go to other cities of your faction to get it. Click here for the Alliance locations and here for the Horde trainers.

Gnome and Dwarf first profession trainer locations in Dun Morogh

There is no skinning trainer unless you go straight to Ironforge and learn it there. To get to the first mining trainers as dwarf or gnome you have to leave the starting area and then reach Kharanos. From Coldridge Valley move east along the main road. Go through the tunnel pass and keep following the road. You will discover Kharanos. There are cooking and first aid trainers in the inn to the right and blacksmithing trainer in the building to the left. Mining trainer, however, is in a small place called Steelgril’s Depot that is found if you continue a bit north down the main road and make a sharp turn east. Go inside the house on the right and then find the mining and engineering trainers in the basement. Rest of the trainers are in Ironforge, which is just up the road to the north.

wow classic dun morogh mining skinning trainer profession

Do note that you need a mining pick and other tools to actually be able to harvest resources. These are bought from Tradesman vendor NPCs. One is just outside the Kharanos’ inn in front of his cart.

Night Elf Skinning trainer in Teldrassil

Closest skinning trainer to Shadowglen night elf starting area is half way toward Darnassus. Follow the rouad out of Shadowglen towards south. As you follow it you will come across the village of Dolanaar. You can find alchemy, herbalism, cooking and first aid profession trainers in the inn and other houses here. To get skinning and leatherworking (I am looking at your druids) keep going west along the road and you should see a hut to the right of the road. Profession trainers are in there. There is an enchanting trainer to the northwest of this hut, but you are now very close to the Night Elf capital city of Darnassus and you should be able to find a trainer there as well.

wow classic night elf first skinning trainer location

Elwynn Forest earliest profession trainer locations for Humans

Once you are done killing kobolds in Northshire (You not take candle!) move south along the road towards Northsire. First profession trainers are in the house to the left of the road. You will find the Leatherworking and Skinning trainers inside. There’s a dock there with a fishing trainer. Inside the inn are the cooking and first aid guys. Blacksmithing is learned in the house across the inn. Unfortunately, mining is learned in Stormwind, which is located to the northwest if you follow the main road there. Inside Elwynn Forest you can also find the alchemist and herbalist trainers, to theeast of the Stormwind entrance. There is also a tailor found along the road to the east from Goldshire.

wow classic elwynn forest early profession trainer locations

Orc and Troll first profession trainer locations in Durotar

For the Horde (!) Orc and Troll races trainers you will need to find Razor Hill and Sen’Jin village in Durotar. Razor Hill is smack in the middle of Durotar and is good for Weapon makers because you will find the mining, blacksmith and engineering trainers there along with the first aid trainer in the inn. Trolls are more in line with nature, so it is only natural (!) for them to have a herbalist and alchemy trainers in their village to the south. You will also find a fishing trainer further down south. For everything else you have to visit Orgrimmar.

wow classic durotar profession trainer locations

Tauren starting area earliest profession trainer locations

Mulgore is the home of the mighty Tauren main city Thunder Bluff, but also houses some profession trainers in the villages closer to where you start a new character. Since everything is so close together you will find all early profession trainers in Bloodhoof village. Skinning and leatherworking teachers are in the main tent along with the cooking trainer. You can also learn fishing and first aid in the village. For everything else you will ahve to visit Thunder Bluff.

tauren starting area skinning trainer location wow classic

Undead profession trainer locations in Tirisfal Glades starting area

Our undead friends can learn everything they need in the Undercity. But, if you are looking to start your profession early, there are some trainers near where you start the game. Reach the village of Brill to find enchanting and first aid guys in the tavern. Alchemy and herbalism trainers are in a house nearby as well. Tailor is on a farm near the road that goes from Deathknell to Brill. Take the road southeast out of Brill then head east at the intersection to find the skinning and leatherworking professionals. There is also a fishing teacher east of Brill.

tauren starting area skinning trainer location wow classic
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