Burning Jade of Light Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves: Burning Jade of Light” is the final quest in the Second Coming of Solaris event. This event, along with all its quests, will be available until June 26th, 2024. Since each quest rewards you with 60 Astrite, we highly recommend completing them. If you’re unsure how to complete “Burning Jade of Light,” we’ve prepared a detailed guide for you.

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burning Jade of Light wuthering Waves
Burning Jade of Light Wuthering Waves

Burning Jade of Light Wuthering Waves

As you have learned, each quest in the Second Coming of Solaris event begins by speaking to Maqi, the Pioneer Association Receptionist, who provides details about each task. This time, the story unfolds like this:

We compromised to the overwhelming darkness.. Sword and spear, wand and gem, all had shattered like broken pieces. We started at the night, almost covered by the rising Crownless… Its gaze pieced like razor. We cannot retreat, even wielding the Burning Orb as our only weapon. March till the end if you’re lost in the wild. Rip the moon apart if it fails to shine.

At the end, Maqi will instruct you to speak with Xieyang. You can find him a few floors below Maqi, easily recognizable by the cute dog next to him. Xieyang will give you the precious item, Burning Jade, but on one condition: he will ask you to request Maqi to add his name to the Special Thanks list.

After collecting the Burning Jade, return to Maqi and hand over the item. She will pass it on to the dev team for the final scene. In return, you will receive 60 Astrite, 4 Advanced Resonance Potions, and 5 Medium Energy Cores as your reward.

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