Errors & Problems in XCOM 2

XCOM 2 has been released and early buyers are reporting problems all over the board. Crashes, performance issues, save corruption – all kinds of nasty stuff. If you’ve bought the game yourself, chances are you’re going to run into some issues soon enough. This guide will list all errors & problems in XCOM 2 and how to fix them, if there’s a way.

xcom 2 errors problems

Low FPS after playing XCOM 2 for a while

If you experience a slowly diminishing FPS count, you should simply save your progress and restart the game. There’s a mean memory leak somewhere, which means the longer you play the worse it gets. Restarting the game will temporarily solve it. Repeat as necessary and wait for a patch.

Cannot Download XCOM 2 on Steam

Many people are reporting troubles with downloading the game. For some it’s freezing near the end, for others it’s stopping at 100% with no disk or network activity. No one knows why this is happening, and there’s no solution yet. The only thing you can do is leave it to its own devices and hope it gets fixed soon.

XCOM 2 stuttering and flickering

If you’re having troubles with stuttering, flickering and micro-freezes, here’s something you could do:
  • Alt+tab out of the game
  • Open Task Manager (Shift+Ctrl+Esc)
  • Right-click on the game’s process
  • Set priority as “High”
You could also try switching from fullscreen to windowed mode and turning anti aliasing off, if you haven’t already.

XCOM 2 save file corruption

If you get a message saying “Failed to read save game. This file may be corrupted“, you’ve basically lost all your progress. This cannot be undone – as soon as you turn the game off, it will sync the save files with Steam cloud. The only way to avoid it is by doing manual save file backups after every mission. Here’s where the file is located:
  • C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData

Gamepad not working in XCOM 2

XCOM 2 offers no native controller support, except for the Steam Controller. If you were expecting the same level of support the previous game had, you’re in for a surprise. You can try using Joy2Key or a similar application to trick the game into thinking your gamepad is a keyboard, but that still leaves you with having to use a gamepad and a mouse.

How to set 4K resolution in XCOM 2

There’s no way to set the resolution to 4K from within the game, but there’s an easy workaround for this. Make sure to backup the file before making any changes:
  • Go to C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\Config
  • Open XComEngine.ini in Notepad.
  • Look for lines containing ResX and ResY.
  • Change them to whatever you like (X if horizontal, Y is vertical).
  • Save and close the file.

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  1. J

    Hi, my name is John and I have a different problem with my XCOM 2 game. At the first moment it was always crashing, but after I turned off my computer and tried again the problem changed: when I press PLAY, appears this message “-FROMLAUNCHER -noRedScreens -review -LANGUAGE=INT”. When I press OK it just continue doing this. Can someone help me?

    1. M

      you are executing the game as an administrator, that’s the problem

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