XCOM 2 Free to Try on Steam & Xbox Until April 30th

2K is holding a free trial of XCOM 2 on Steam and Xbox One, which ends on April 30th. You have pretty much complete access to the game while the trial lasts. After it’s over, all your progress will carry over if you decide to buy the full game. Which, by the way, is currently on sale, ending on May 7th.

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XCOM 2 Free to Try on Steam & Xbox Until April 30th
XCOM 2 Free to Try on Steam & Xbox Until April 30th

If you’ve been wanting to check out XCOM 2, but aren’t sure whether you want to put your money down, then you might want to use this opportunity. 2K have organized a whole week where you can play the game completely free. Unfortunately, the promotion started a few days ago, but you still have three days to give the XCOM 2 a spin and decide whether you want it. Specifically, the promotion ends on April 30th at 9:59 AM PT. The free trial is available on Xbox One and Steam.

If you don’t complete the game until the timer runs out, worry not. As has become standard practice with free trials like this, all the progress you’ve made will carry over if you decide to spring for the full game. Incidentally, XCOM 2 is on sale until May 7th, marked down by 75%. Both the Standard and Digital Deluxe are on sale, as are all the DLCs for the game (aside from the War of the Chosen – Tactical Legacy Pack). So, yeah; this is about the best time to play one of the most well-liked strategy games in recent memory.

Now, to be completely frank, I have next to no experience with XCOM games in general, because I’m hot garbage at strategy games. However, to be perfectly frank, even I might give this one a try. I mean, it’s free, so who cares? Might as well see what all the fuss is about.

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