Xenoblade Chronicles 2 How to Get & Equip Blades - Bond Blade Guide

Blades are special companions in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – they’re magical, anthropomorphised weapons you can collect. They’ll aid you in battle by being healers, tanks or damage dealers. You’ll need to upgrade them like they were characters, but to do so, you’ll need to develop relationships with them, then spend affinity points on upgrades. Since there’s more than twenty unique blades and even more generic ones, you’ll probably want to know how to get new blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 how to unlock blades
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 How to Get New Blades

How to unlock blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2?

In order to unlock new blades in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll need to gather some items first – core crystals and boosters. Once you have them, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open up the menu
  2. Select Blades
  3. Choose Bond Blade
  4. Pick a character (driver)
  5. Select a core crystal – the rarer the crystal, the better your odds of scoring a rare blade
  6. Select boosters to increase the blade’s bravery, truth, compassion and justice
  7. Confirm your choice and wait for the game to unveil your new blade

The results seem to be random, but they might be tied to the ingredients you use. We haven’t been able to check, but one this is certain, the more you spend, the better your chance of getting a great blade. You should ideally look for blades with five crowns – these are used to measure affinity potential. After you’ve bonded a few blades, you’ll start recognizing the generic ones – they’re all similarly designed, with no special dialogue. The unique ones, on the other hand, are instantly recognizable.

How to equip Blades

Press plus on your controller to open the menu, then select characters. It is very important to choose a driver / companion not a blade! Your next step is to choose the option engage blades (set blades you want to travel with). Choose one of the slots, and at the end select the blade.