Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna Golden Country Collectible Locations

Torna collectibles are items in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They can be found in the Golden Country expansion, and you’ll use them to increase affinity towards your blades. They’re scattered all over the map – you’ll get some from fighting enemies, others from interacting with collection nodes. A number of player are having trouble finding a bunch of these items, which is why we’ve decided to write this Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna collectible locations guide.

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xenoblade chronicles 2 torna collectibles
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna Golden Country Collectible Locations

Galaxy Charm – Lora

In order to get the Galaxy Charm, you’ll need Rainbow Resin, Moramora Pearl, Rarestone, Planetary Crystal and Ripple Lens.

Moramora Pearl – You’ll find this one in the Alleta Region of Torna. Go into the Cavern of Seal, then look For Regus Moramora in the Ancient Lake Bed. Fight them, and you’ll get the pearl.
Planetary Crystal – You can find it in Gormott, at Torigoth Arch. Go to the eastern part of Lyanne Meadow and look for a collection point for minerals, next to a Noble Aspar.
Ripple Lens – This one’s also in Gormott, at the Hoary Weald Camp. Look for a collection point at the Old Machine by the campfire.

Wingberry Cake – Jin

The Wingberry Cake requires you to collect some Cranberry Bell, Ruska Flour, Weeping Flour, Melosian Honey and Lactonut.

Cranberry Bell – Go to Torigoth Village in Gormott and search the collection points there. There’s three in the fields – two should yield vegetables, while one drops a rare fresh vegetable.
Ruska Flour – This one can be obtained in the Hoary Weald Camp, in Gormott. There are three collection points in the northernmost part of the area.
Melosian Honey – Same as above.
Weeping Flour – You’ll find it in the Dannagh Region in Torna. Go to the Turqos Plateau and look for a collection point across the narrow part of the lake.
Lactonut – This one grows Torna, in the Aletta Region. Go to Lett Bridge, and look for the Lake Sarleigh collection point near the beehive.

Golden Land Talisman – Haze

For this one, you’ll need a Golden Sand Cocoon, a Cotton Branch, an Angel’s Sage, some Bladed Holly and a Shepherds’ Coronet.

Golden Sand Cocoon – Go to the Dannagh Region in Torna. Travel to the Turqos Plateau, and find the collection point in Strreamsand Corridor.
Angel’s Sage – Same as above, only it’s a collection point across the narrow part of the lake.
Bladed Holly – Same as above, except the collection point is to your right when you spawn.
Shepherds’ Coronet – Same as above.
Cotton Branch – In the Dannagh Region of Torna, go to the Outrider’s Forest Trail. There are three collection spots on trees there.

Miracle Parfait – Mythra

To make this delicacy, you’ll need some Lactonut, Nest Extract, Melosian Honey, Ruby Pineapple and Moonbeam Banana.

Lactonut – See Wingberry Cake.
Nest Extract – Travel to the Aletta Region of Torna. Go to Lett Bridge and look for the Lake Sarleigh collection point.
Melosian Honey – See Wingberry Cake.
Moonbeam Banana – This one’s in Gormott, at the Lakeshore Campfire in the south of Lyanne Meadow. Look for a vegetable collection point north of the camp.

Community Spirit – Minoth

For this affinity item, you’ll need to have some Memento Bark and a bunch of Sticky Stick Insect.

Memento Bark – Available in Gormott, in the Hidden Hunting Camp. Look for the Seigle Fell collection point, in a tree next to the Dread Caterpillar.
Sticky Stick Insect – Also in Gormott, in Torigoth Arch. Look for an insect nest collection point in the east of Lyanne Meadow, next to Feres Grebel.

Thanks to Blaze4 for the info on collectible locations.



  1. M
    Martens alex

    I dnt found Moonnblast banana, i finish the game but i need this to 100% i chearch more than 100hour just for it and i never drop it help me please

    1. F

      Check the vegetable collection point right outside of torigoth arch. You can’t miss is, it’ll yield 1-3 moonbeam bananas per harvest, and you can easily refresh the collection point since the torigoth landmark is so close.

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