Zelda Breath of the Wild Where to Find All Fairy Fountains & upgrade your armor

Great fairy fountains are somewhat hidden locations that you can find in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Every one of them contains a powerful fairy that you can release with enough rupees. Of course, you’ll always get some bonus in return. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all great fairies in Zelda Breath of the Wild, their locations and what they give you.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Where to Find All Great Fairy Fountains
Zelda Breath of the Wild Where to Find All Great Fairy Fountains

There’s a total of four great fairy fountains that you can find in Breath of the Wild. After you free them, each one will offer to upgrade your armor, using standard monster parts. Each of them can upgrade your armor to a certain level, and the more you awaken, the more they can upgrade your armor. Of course, all of this comes at a price. In order to restore power to the fountains and the fairies themselves, you’ll have to pay a certain amount of rupees.

For the first one, you’ll have to pay 100, then 500, then 1000, and finally a staggering 10.000 rupees. After that, though, the upgrades are free.

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First Great Fairy Fountain Locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The first fairy is called Cotera, and she’s fairly close to the Kakariko Village in Lanayru. The village is relatively early in the game, and the story will take you there anyway. There is a shrine above the village – Ta’loh Naeg. Head up there (or just teleport if you’ve already discovered it).

Take the path right of the shrine, and you’ll go into the wooded area northeast of the village. When you run into a fork in the road, go left and you’ll eventually come across an enormous flower bud with tiny fairies around it. Walk up the steps and you’ll be bale to talk with the fairy. Pay up the rupees to release the fairy and bring life back to the fountain.

Second Great Fairy in Akkala

This fountain belongs to the fairy Mija, and it’s located on the east bank of Lake Akkala and north of Kaepora Pass. This is the northeast of the region. The Dah Hesho shrine is to the west of there, so if you’ve discovered it, teleport and just glide over.

The fountain itself is in the middle of a pond surrounded by trees. Of course, you’ll have to interact with the fairy the same way as the first time. Give her the rupees to revive the fountain and give the fairy her power back.

Great Fairy Fountain #3 Location – Tabantha Frontier

Tabantha Frontier is in the west, and the fountain itself is in the south of that region. More specifically, it’s south of Nero Hill, in the northwest of Piper Ridge. The tricky part is, you’ll have to use your glider to reach the fountain. There’s a tower on Nero Hill, so if you’ve been there before, just teleport up there and glide to the south. It’s difficult to miss the fountain.

Approach it and pay the rupees to release Kaysa. Already, you can get some pretty serious armor, but there is even more.

Where to Find Fourth Great Fairy Fountain in Gerudo Desert

The final fairy is called Tera, and she’s absolutely the most difficult to get. The reason is simple – she’s in the Gerudo Desert, which is highly inhospitable. The desert itself is in southwest Hyrule. Considering how extremely hot it is in the desert, you’ll want to take adequate clothes, as well as lots of provisions and potions. The first area you want to reach is Dragon’s Exile. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but it will be on your map southeast from Gerudo City.

Once you get there, look southwest, and you’ll find a gigantic skeleton, called the Gerudo Great Skeleton. That’s where the final fountain is. You know what to do to activate it. Now, you can get the best armor upgrades in the game.

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