Zelda BoTW Flying Platform Chest Locations - Master Mode

Flying platforms are new enemy camps in Zelda Breath of The Wild. You can find them across Hyrule if you have the Master Trials DLC, but only in Master Mode. They’re like wooden rafts held afloat by Octoroks. There are often enemies riding them, but sometimes there are also treasure chests there. These chests can contain various useful items. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Zelda BoTW flying platform chest locations.

zelda botw flying platform chest locations
Floating platform chest locations

Where to find floating platform chests

While there are many platforms all over Hyrule, not all of them carry treasures. The earliest one we’ve found is near the Oman Au shrine, the one where you get the Magnesis rune. The shrine is a bit northwest from the Great Plateau tower. This platform will allow you to get several Fire Arrows, which are of great help in the early days of hard mode.

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There’s another platform in the Great Plateau area, with another great prize. It’s near the waterfall at Mount Hylia, southwest from the Temple of Time. Once you pop it open, you’ll find a Knight’s Claymore. It’s a great find, especially this early, since it packs quite a punch.

Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to fight the enemies in order to get the treasure. If you manage to secure a vantage point that’s near enough, you can snatch the chest using Magnesis. You can use your glider to drop down onto the platform and open the chest, or at least push it off for easier access. If you decide to shoot the Octoroks, make sure you can reach the place where the treasure falls.

We’re going to update the guide as we discover more locations. In case you find some we’ve missed, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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