Zelda BoTW Secret Club Secret Quest - How to get Gerudo Password

Secret Club Secret is a side quest in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It takes place in Gerudo Town – there’s a secret store you won’t be able to enter until you get a special password. In order to get the safe word, you’ll need to complete a certain chain of events. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to finish Zelda Breath of the Wild Secret Club Secret quest, how to get Gerudo password.

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Zelda BoTW Secret Club Secret

How to get Gerudo Town password

You can start the quest by trying to enter the shop. The door is in an alley in the eastern part of Gerudo Town – when you enter the town square, take the second left and look for a wooden door in the alley. They’ll ask for a password, which you don’t know.

To get the password, wait for the night to come. Go to the other side of the market, and follow the passage to the tavern behind it (in the west). Go up the stairs and onto the terrace. You’ll find a group of Gerudo women talking about a secret club. They’ll catch you eavesdropping and tell you off.

Jump off the terrace and go into the house next to the bar. Talk to the little girl there – she’ll tell you she hears voices from the window. Approach the window, and you’ll get the option to listen in on the conversation. You’ll learn that the password is GSC followed by a diamond shape.

Go back to the secret club door and enter the following: G – S – C – Diamond. As soon as you set foot inside, the quest will be over. You can buy two armor sets from the store – the Gerudo Voe Set and the Radiant Armor. The former is the male Gerudo outfit, while the latter has a glowing skeleton image on it.