Secret of the Snowy Peaks pedestal time glow riddle zelda

Create a snowball and push it to the edge so it casts a shadow after 16:00 game time.


  1. S
    Strande Phone

    Its enough to build a block of cryonis at the place you out the snowball, wsnted too use it as block but apperantly it workd.

  2. J

    make sure you put the snowball on a cryonis block as just using a snowball wasn’t tall enough to cast the shadow on to the middle of the shrine pedestal. shrine lights up at 4:00 pm game time.

  3. C

    You can actually just make a moderately large snowball, but small enough that you can still pick it up. Go over and stand near the edge while holding it above your head so that the shadow covers the center of the platform at 4 pm.

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