Zelda BoTW Trial of The Sword Explained in Gameplay Video

Trial of The Sword is a new challenge in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It’s going to be added in the upcoming Master Trials DLC, which is part of the season pass. There wasn’t much info about it until recently, when it was explained during a gameplay demonstration.

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zelda botw trial of the sword
Trial of The Sword

In order to start the trial, you’ll need to go back to the hidden depths of Korok Forest, where you first found the Master Sword. Simply approach the pedestal, and you’ll get the option to stick the sword back into the stone, which will allow you to start the challenge.

The trial is basicallya horde mode – you get thrown into a room with a bunch of enemies, and you have to defeat them before you can proceed. The catch is that you start with nothing but your powers – no weapons, no armor, no food or potions. Thankfully, you do get to keep your health and stamina upgrades at least, as well as the glider.

There are three parts to the trial – Beginning Trials, Middle Trials and Final Trials. Once you beat the first set, you can quit and start from the second one next time. Each set consists of fifteen rooms, which brings the entire challenge to a total of forty five rooms.

Some rooms will feature puzzles, while others will only task you with killing monsters. You should be vigilant at all times, as the challenge will require you to think different. For example, you can’t afford to push monsters off cliffs, as you don’t get to loot their weapons then.

Trial of the Sword rewards

Once you’ve beaten the final room, you’ll unlock the full power of the Master Sword. This means you won’t have to worry about waiting for it to recharge anymore – it will be fully powered until the end of time.

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