Zelda BoTW Zant's Helmet Location - Usurper King Quest

Zant’s Helmet is a new item in Zelda Breath of The Wild. It’s a helmet worn by the Usurper King, one of the main villains from a previous game. It’s part of the Champions’ Ballad DLC, and you’ll find it in a hidden chest. A certain diary will point you towards it, but it won’t outright tell you where to look. The helmet provides Link with immunity to freezing. We’re going to help you find it in our Zelda BoTW Zant’s Helmet location guide.

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zelda botw zant's helmet usurper king quest
Zelda BoTW Zant’s Helmet Location – Usurper King Quest

Where to find Zant’s Helmet?

If you’ve read Misko’s journal, you’ll know that Zant’s Helmet is in the swamp of the valley of dead trees, south of Dueling Peaks. What you’re looking for is a pond full of murky water, in the mountains that form the border between Faron and Necluda. You’ll get to the lake by following Tobio’s Hollow from the south, or rock-climbing from the northeast. Once you’re there, you’ll have to use your powers to cross the swamp and get to the small island with the dead tree. This is where the chest with the helmet is. It’s embedded in the ground and covered in moss, so it’s easy to miss – use your magnet rune to highlight it and pull it out.