Ancient Zora Waterworks Zelda TOTK, A Token of Friendship Greaves

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom “A Token of Friendship” side quest is one of the several quests in Zora’s Domain which will help you find all the pieces of the Zora outfit set. This guide will explain where to find the Ancient Zora Waterworks, Zora Greaves, and the reservoir east of the domain.

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Ancient Zora Waterworks Zelda TOTK, A Token of Friendship Greaves
TOTK A Token of Friendship, The Zora Greaves Chest Location Guide

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom A Token of Friendship, Ancient Zora Waterworks Greaves

After you meet with Yona, Sidon’s fiancee, one of the first things you will do with her is complete the “Restoring the Zora Armor” side quest. However, that’s just the beginning of the restoration. You will also need to find the Zora Helm and the Zora Greaves. For the Greaves, you must complete Yona’s “A Token of Friendship” side quest. As the quest description says, the Zora Greaves may be located somewhere in the Ancient Zora Waterworks. So, how to find and enter this place?

The entrance to the Ancient Zora Waterworks in TOTK is via the East Reservoir Lake. In the middle of the East Reservoir, there is a huge whirlpool where you have to dive to get to the right location on the other side. Check out our images for the exact location on the map.

Once you enter the Waterworks, the rest of the quest is rather straightforward. Simply follow the path through the dungeon and defeat the monsters along the way. You will discover the Zora Greaves near the very end of the cave. You’ll notice a large waterfall after you beat a Stone Talus there. There’s space behind that waterfall with a chest. Open the Ancient Zora Waterworks Chest, and you will find the Zora Greaves inside! And with that, the “A Token of Friendship” quest is completed!

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