TOTK Battle Talus Locations

In our TOTK Battle Talus Locations guide, we are going to show you where to find these monsters in Tears of the Kingdom, plus a few tips on how to fight them. The Battle Taluses, like all others, are a valuable source of materials such as amber. Unfortunately, they’re also a more difficult fight than the regular Taluses. Even so, the rewards are well-worth the effort.

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totk battle talus locations
TOTK Battle Talus Locations

Tears of the Kingdom Battle Talus Locations

There is a large amount of Battle Talus locations in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom. In the list below, we are going to give you the coordinates of the Taluses we’ve run into in our journeys. There are probably more of them in the huge map of Hyrule, so please, let us know of any others in the comments. One thing that I do have to mention at this point is that Battle Taluses are usually hiding under a large platform, often looking like a bokoblin camp.

  • Romani Plains, Hyrule Field, coordinates 0215, 0536, 0029
  • Crenel Road, Hyrule Field, coordinates 0612, 0531, 0026 (just northeast of Orsedd Bridge)
  • Windvane Meadow, Hyrule Field, coordinates -0098, -0805, 0035 (just west of Whistling Hill)
  • Sahasra Slope, West Necluda, coordinates 1288, -1203, 0119
  • Hyrule Field, between Batrea Lake and Nabi Lake, coordinates 0777, -1220, 0024
  • Hills of Baumer, East Necluda, coordinates 0592, -1925, 0065
  • The fork of Regencia River, Hyrule Field, coordinates -1362, -0802, 0009
  • Washa’s Bluff, Hyrule Ridge, coordinates -2517, -0079, 0127
  • North Hyrule Plain, Hyrule Ridge, coordinates -1443, 1016, 0137
  • West of Hyrule Castle Moat, Hyrule Field, coordinates -0786, 0801, 0047
  • South Akkala Plains, Akkala Highlands, coordinates 2981, 1484, 0284
  • Gama Cove, East Necluda, 3261, -3411, 0027

And there you have it, those are some of the Battle Talus locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK. They are a little more difficult to fight than other Taluses. For one, they often have bokoblins riding on them, as we’ve said. But also, the wooden platforms on their shoulders make them more difficult to climb onto and hit the ore deposit that’s their weak spot. What we recommend doing is to get under one of the “shoulder pads” and use Ascend to get to the ore deposit.

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