Gerudo Shield & Scimitar Zelda TOTK Pride Of The Gerudo

In our Gerudo Shield & Scimitar Zelda TOTK Pride Of The Gerudo guide, we are going to explain how to get these two items for the Tears of the Kingdom side quest. They are not exactly easy to find, even when you do know where to go. Hopefully, this article will help you out by at least putting you on the right course.

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gerudo shield & scimitar zelda totK pride of the gerudo
Gerudo Shield & Scimitar Zelda TOTK Pride Of The Gerudo

Where to Find Gerudo Scimitar and Shield Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Pride of the Gerudo

To find the Gerudo Scimitar and Shield for the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Pride of the Gerudo, you are going to need to do some exploring. The shield as far as we can tell, can be reliably found at the location marked below. There’s a chest under the giant rib cage, at the following coordinates: -4659, -1986, 0025. To the best of our knowledge, the Gerudo Shield spawns here for everyone. If we’re wrong and the spawn is random, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to update the guide accordingly. At the very least, you can save the game before opening it and then just keep reloading until the shield pops out. You will have to fight an enemy before all that.

where to find gerudo scimitar and shield zelda tears of the kingdom pride of the gerudo
Gerudo Shied location

So, that’s where you can find the Gerudo Shield for the Pride of the Gerudo Zelda TOTK quest, but what about the Scimitar? Well, that one is a bit more complicated. With it, you’ll have to roll the dice and open chests with random drops. The most reliable source are the Moldugas, aka the sandworms that travel along the Gerudo Desert. They are on the move almost all the time, so you’ll have to go looking for one. The deeper into the desert you go, the better your odds. When defeated, they should drop a chest, in which there’s a chance a scimitar will be. I wish you the best of luck, because on top of being tricky to find, Moldugas are not exactly easy enemies.

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  1. L

    The chest is random, i got another gerudo weapon not the shield!

  2. N

    not even a chest there

    1. H

      there should be a Shock Like that you have to defeat. I got a gerudo spear on my first try, but on my fourth I got a shield.

  3. I

    I found a Herido Shield from and electric Like-Like in the East Gerudo Eastern Caves

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