How to Get to Chichim Shrine TOTK

If you are not sure how to enter the Chichim Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, we understand you! It’s quite complicated. Located west of the Palu Wasteland in the Gerudo Desert, this shrine is obviously underground, as it can not be reached from above. Read on as we explain how to reach the shrine above the Michich Lightroot.

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How to Get to Chichim Shrine TOTK

How to Get to Chichim Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Located to the west of the Palu Wasteland in the Gerudo Desert, the Chichim Shrine seems to be one of the more evasive Shrines in the game. Players know that it’s there based on their Shrine Sensors and the Michich Lightroot in the Depths. However, where is the entrance? And how to reach it? Read on to learn!

Namely, the entrance to the Chichim Shrine is actually via a sand sinkhole near the one in the round debris. To be specific, the exact coordinates are -3108, -3064, -0039. This will bring you to the Ancient Prison Ruins Cave. Inside these ruins, you’ll have to beat quite a few enemies. Eventually, the path will get you near a statue with a sword. In the cell to the right of the statue (the opposite of where she points with the sword), you’ll see a hole in the ground. Jump there, and you will see another statue. This time, in order to reach the Chichim Shrine, you will need to go in the direction the sword is pointing.

Finally, at the end of that path, use Ascend and you will enter another room. Remove the two platforms from the ground to reveal a lever. Move the lever with Ultrahand, and the door will open. And behind the door – the Chichim Shrine location! Please refer to our images below if you have any issues with your orientation.

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