How to Turn off Sages TOTK, Disable Sage Abilities

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features several Sages whose abilties you can unlock in the form of avatars. They are Tulin Sage of Wind, Mineru Sage of Spirit, Riju Sage of Lightning, Yunobo Sage of Fire, and Sidon Sage of Water. These Sage Spirits and their powers are invaluable in the game. However, having them turned on all the time can likewise prove very irritating for players. For example, Tulin will constantly attack nearby enemies and can blow away items and materials before you’ve had the chance to pick them up. So is there a way to prevent this troublesome behavior of these Avatars? Thankfully, there is, and we are going to show you how to turn off Sages and disable Sage abilities in Zelda TotK.

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How to Turn off Sages TOTK, Disable Sage Abilities

How to Turn off Sages Tears of the Kingdom, Disable Sage Abilities

Once you use a Vow of any of these Sages to summon their Avatars, they are going to follow you around and use their abilities the way they were programmed to. The problem is that their AI behavior sometimes doesn’t align with what we, as players, want to do in that moment. Luckily, you can very easily turn this off by unsummoning them altogether. To do this, press + to open up your Inventory. From there, scroll to the Key Items tab and look for the Sage that you want to disable. Select it and press A. This will cause another pop-up menu to appear, where you can then select the “Dismiss” option. And that’s it, you have now successfully turned off the Sage in question.

Also, if you are experiencing problems where you can’t summon these Sages and are getting the “Can’t Summon here” message, we have a Can’t Summon Here Fix guide that will help you resolve this glitch.

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