Kiuyoyou Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Looking for the Kiuyoyou Shrine solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom? We have it! Shrines are back in TOTK and once again, they represent a key part of the gameplay loop. They serve both as a fast travel points and place where you collect orbs to upgrade Stamina/Hearts. Read on as we explain how to complete the puzzle with Ice Cubes and Flame Beams in Kiuyoyou Shrine.

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Kiuyoyou Shrine Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Zelda TOTK Ice and Fire Puzzle

How to Complete Kiuyoyou Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Zelda TOTK Kiuyoyou Shrine is all about Ice and Fire. In the first room, you’ll see a massive Ice Cube to your left, and vertical flame beams to your right. There’s also a tile trigger which needs to be pressed in order for the gate to open and for you to reach the next room. What you need to do here is to grab the Ice Cube with your Ultrahand, and put it under fire just a little bit. Let it melt just enough so that it can fit below the low ceiling, where the pressing tile is. With the Ice Cube pressing the tile, you can enter the next room to the left.

There is a chest immediately left of the gate in the next room. To reach the Kiuyoyou Shrine chest, you will need to use Ascend and another ice cube. Use your Glider above the fans to cross the chasm. On the other side, grab a falling Ice Cube with Ultrahand and let it slide down via the spiky slope. Now head back down (again with the Glider and the help of the fans). Put the Ice Cube on the platform below the chest, then Ascend to that platform and climb to the chest via the Ice Cube.

Fire and Ice Cube Puzzle Solution Zelda TOTK

Finally, let’s see how to finish the Kiuyoyou Shrine in Zelda TOTK. To the right of the second set of flames, there’s a platform which you can move with Ultrahand. Place it vertically against the wall with flamethrowers to block the fire. The Ice Cube will now fall and it won’t melt. Now use Ultrahand with that Ice Cube and attach it to the platform blocking the fire. With the Cube and platform attached, bring them down via the spiky slope. Just be careful of the flames not to melt the attached cube. Finally, put that contraption where the first flame beams are, so that platform blocks the fire, while the Ice Cube is pressing the tile below it. This will open the final door, and you will complete the Shrine.

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