Last Monster Lurelin Village Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

If you can find the last monster in Lurelin Village, our Last Monster Lurelin Village Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guide is the place for you. We are going to show you where to find the location of the missing enemy in the Occupiers of Lurelin Village battle in TOTK in this guide. If you are here, I am assuming you’ve cleared out the entirety of the village and the monster ship. There’s just one creature to defeat, but they’re nowhere to be seen. That’s because it’s hiding, and doing a good job of it. Don’t worry, we’ll rat it out for you.

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last monster lurelin village zelda tears of the kingdom
Lurelin Village Monster Forces Last Enemy Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Find Lurelin Village Last Monster in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To find the location of the last missing enemy in the Lurelin Village Monster Forces quest (or Occupiers of Lurelin Village) in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, you actually have to go down a well. Yes, I’m serious; the game is really going to play you that way. The coordinates of the well are 2938, -3379, 0012. Hop down the well, and that’s where you’ll find the final enemy that’s terrorizing Lurelin. There’s a couple of other bits and bobs to find down there, so snoop around for a bit if you want to. However, the main point is that you need to defeat the bokoblin lurking in the depths of the well. Yes, I know, you’d have never thought to look down there; it also took us a while to figure it out.

And there you go, that’s where you find the location of the missing last enemy in Zelda Lurelin Village Monster Forces. Now, if you’ve already taken care of the dude in the well but still haven’t completed the quest, check the entirety of the village, every corner. After that, head to the giant monster ship and climb aboard (coordinates are 2916, -3503, 0015). Make sure you’ve cleared the whole place out. and then check the shallow water around the vessel. Some monster could have fallen overboard and evaded your righteous fury. That should let you finally complete this step of the quest. If not, well, then you might have encountered some weird glitch. Try restarting the game and see what happens.

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