Zelda TOTK Lynel Locations Map, Blue & White Lynel Spawn Spots

Where to find Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom? Lynels were some of the scariest monsters in BotW, and they are back in TOTK! This guide provides all Lynel locations in TOTK, including the standard red-maned Lynels, Blue-Maned Lynels, White-Maned Lynels, and Silver Lynels spawn locations map in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Lynel Locations Map Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Where to Find Lynels in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom?

All Lynel Locations in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Lynels return in Tears of the Kingdom, and they have mostly the same behavior as in Breath of the Wild. However, they also have new Saber Horns that they can use to attack Link. In addition, Lynels that use 2-handed clubs can perform a new diagonal spin attack. Their charge attack is also more agile, and it is very hard to dodge it by running sideways (unless Link has some speed boost or there are obstacles in the way). If Link runs out of stamina while battling a Lynel, he will take more damage. Also, if there are any Zonai devices or other objects nearby, the Lynels can make them disappear with a roar. In total, there are 34 Lynels locations in TOTK. So, where to find Lynels in Zelda TOTK? The best place to farm Lynels is the Floating Colosseum, which is located in The Depths.

The Floating Colosseum coordinates are -1139,-1262, -0499. By far the best path to reach the Floating Colosseum is through the Great Plateau North Chasm, just south of the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower. There are 5 Lynel gauntlets in the Floating Colosseum, and they respawn every blood moon. As a really nice bonus, you’ll find Majora’s Mask there! The five gauntlets challenge is a very difficult and demanding task that will test your skills. You will face five powerful Lynels, each with different weapons and abilities.

This means that your shields and weapons will take a lot of damage and may break during the fight. However, you can avoid this by using the teleport function after each Lynel to go back to a safe place where you can replenish your inventory and health. This way, you will be prepared for the next gauntlet and have a better chance of completing the challenge. Of course, you need the Travel Medallion placed near the Colosseum to return promptly.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Blue Lynel locations Map, Blue-Maned Lynel Spawn Points TOTK

  • Kamah Plateau has a Blue Lynel.
  • There’s a Blue Lynel in the Nautelle Wetlands.
  • One Blue Lynel‘s location is south of Kincean Island.
  • Rabia Plain has a Blue Lynel.
  • Another Blue Lynel location is northwest of Lanayru Heights.

Based on our experience and those of other players, Blue Lynel is probably the most abundant type in the game. Aside from the above-described locations, there are several other TOTK Blue Lynel farming locations. Check out the maps below for the locations.

Zelda TOTK Red Lynel Locations Map, Red-Maned Lynel Farming Spots

  • You’ll find a Red Lynel in the North Akkala Valley.
  • Northwest of Kakariko Village, between Linebeck Island and Eagus Bridge, you’ll find one Red Lynel.
  • There’s a Red Lynel on the way to the pirates, to the northwest of the stable south of the Bridge of Hylia.
  • One Red Lynel is east of Tama Pond in Hebra.
  • A Red Lynel is in the West Hyrule Plains in Hyrule Ridge. Right side of the path that cuts through it.
  • You can find a Red Lynel northwest of the Lindor’s Brow Tower and directly north of the Upland Lindor label on the map.
  • There is another Red Lynel directly northwest of the North Akkala Valley label.

The Red-Maned Lynels in Tears of the Kingdom are the “basic” type. However, farming them is equally as important as other types. Similarly to Blue Lynels, Red-Maned Lynels can be found all around the Kingdom of Hyrule. For the exact locations, check out the maps below to know where you can find them.

Zelda TOTK White Lynel Locations Map, White-Maned Lynel Farming Spots

  • A White Lynel is under the Hyrule Castle in the Depths.
  • In the depths, under the Highland Stable, a White-maned Lynel spawns.

In our experience, White-Maned Lynels are the rarest ones in the game. Asides from the two locations above, there are a couple more. Check out our maps below to know where to find and farm White-Maned Lynel in TOTK. Watch out for armoured White-Maned Lynels, they are quite a challenge!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Lynel Spawning Spots Shared By Community

How to Fight and Defeat Lynels in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To fight a Lynel effectively, you need to use your bow and your shield. When you jump and glide in the air, you can aim your bow and activate the slow motion effect. This gives you a chance to shoot the Lynel in the face and make it stagger. Then you can run behind it and mount it for some free hits without taking damage. Always keep your shield ready when you are not attacking.

Another useful skill is the backflip dodge. When the Lynel runs at you with a weapon, hold your shield and move backwards. Time your jump right before it swings and you will trigger a flurry rush opportunity. This lets you unleash a barrage of attacks without getting hit.

When the Lynel spits fireballs at you, stay away and move sideways with your shield up. This will help you avoid the flames. Don’t try to fight it in close range because it can smash your shield easily. Keep a moderate distance and look for openings to stun it with an arrow or dodge its attacks.

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