Mired in Muck Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Clean Water to Remove Sludge

In our Mired in Muck Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Clean Water to Remove Sludge guide, we are going to show you how to complete this side quest. The poor Zora that’s covered in sludge asks you for some clean water to remove it. So, the problem is figuring out how to get water. Fortunately, there’s a “trick” you can use that makes the quest trivial. Here’s what you need to do.

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mired in muck zelda tears of the kingdom clean water to remove sludge
Mired in Muck Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Clean Water to Remove Sludge

Get Clean Water to Remove the Sludge Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mired in Muck Side Quest

So, you need to get some clean water to remove the sludge from Bazz the Zora and complete the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Mired in Muck side quest. Problem is, you’re up in the mountains, at the base of the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. There’s no water to be found in the vicinity. And even if there was, what would you carry it in? No, the solution lies elsewhere. What you want to do is use the “throw material” mechanic. Press and hold R then do the same with the up arrow on the d-pad. Scroll through your materials and highlight the Splash Fruit. Let go of the R button after you aim the fruit at the Bazz to throw it and wash him clean.

That is, in my estimation, the easiest way to get clean water and remove the sludge to complete the Mired in Muck side quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you don’t know where you can find some Splash Fruits, head to the location we’ve marked in the screenshots below. With all of that said, I’m sure that there are other ways to pull this off. Like, if you have a magic wand that can cast water orbs, that will probably do the trick. The fruit is still the cheapest alternative, so to speak. If you have other solutions, let us know in the comments. And whatever method you use, you can do the same thing on the entrance to the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower to gain access.

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