Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Nachoyah Shrine

Knowing how to complete the Nachoyah Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is essential if you want to finish the game’s first zone – Great Sky Island. It will provide you with the final Light of Blessing orb in the area, allowing you to boost your strength and open the door in the Temple of Time. Read on to learn the solution for all puzzles and how to finish the Nachoyah Shrine.

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Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Nachoyah Shrine

How to Complete Nachoyah Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The Nachoyah Shrine is the fourth and final shrine in the Great Sky Island area. Funnily enough, it is actually the closest one to your starting point at the Room of Awakening. However, in order to reach it, you will need to climb those huge rotating mechanical wheels. And in order to do that, you will need to learn both the Ascend ability and the Recall ability. Don’t worry, you’ll learn these two naturally as you progress through the first region as a part of the story. You’ll learn to Ascend in the Gutanbac shine, and the Recall ability will become a part of your kit after a certain cutscene in the Temple of Time.

Nachoyah Shrine Puzzle Solutions

Finally, let’s jump to the puzzles in the Shrine. They are rather self-explanatory, really. This will be the first shrine after you learn the Recall ability. Hence, all obstacles and puzzles will use it in some way. They are designed to teach you how you can use this in the open world. For the first one, use Recall on the raft. This will prompt the raft to head in the opposite direction, allowing you to pass upstream water. The second puzzle is the same. The raft here drops from a waterfall. If you use Recall on it, it will start going backwards. And this includes climbing up the waterfall. It goes without saying, but for both puzzles, make sure that you are standing on the raft before you cast Recall on it. Otherwise, it may go away before you are able to jump on it.

To grab the chest, you will need to cast Recall on the cog. It will start going in other direction, allowing you to reach the chest. Finally, getting out is the trickier part. You will notice the two pointers rotating in opposite directions. When the pointers align, the doors open. However, in order to keep the door open, you’ll need to cast Recall at one of the pointers when they are aligned. This will give you enough time to pass through the door and finish the puzzle.

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