TOTK Rock Octorok Locations Map

In our TOTK Rock Octorok Locations Map guide, we are going to show you where you can find Rock Octoroks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Perhaps more importantly, we will explain how you can use them to repair your weapons and even get special effects on them. It’s a risky move, but considering the potential perks, it’s absolutely worth it. Let’s begin!

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totk rock octorok locations map
TOTK Rock Octorok Locations Map

Tears of the Kingdom Rock Octorok Locations

The spawn locations of the Rock Octorok in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom are around Death Mountain and in Eldin Canyon. So, basically all over the land of the Gorons. In the map below, we have marked six locations in which we’ve found Rock Octoroks. There are probably more of them around Death Mountain, so we’ll update the guide when and if we find them. Feel free to let us know in the comments where you’ve found Rock Octoroks. And as for what these monsters are useful for, we’ll get to that in the next section.

tears of the kingdom rock octorok locations
Rock Octorok map (click to enlarge)

Repair Weapon with Rock Octorok Zelda TOTK

Now that we know where to find Rock Octorok locations in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom, let’s talk about how you use them to repair weapons. The first step is to drop the item in front of the monster. The closer to its mouth you get it, the better. Of course, you can also throw the weapon in front of the Octorok’s mouth. However you do it, be sure to put some distance between you and the monster after it vacuums the weapon up, because it will spit it out real quick. This process restores the item’s durability and adds a random effect to it. If it already had an effect, it will be replaced. The process doesn’t work on items obtained via scanning amiibos.

Now, you can only repair weapons using a Rock Octorok in Zelda TOTK once per monster. However, you can always kill them afterwards and then wait for them to respawn during a Blood Moon. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

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