Rumored Beast Zelda TOTK, Beast and the Princess

In our Rumored Beast Zelda TOTK, Beast and the Princess guide, we are going to explain how to complete this side quest and where to find this new animal species you’ve been hearing so much about. They truly are in the middle of nowhere, and the single clue you get are vague directions from a specific stable owner. So, let’s find out where these creatures reside!

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rumored beast zelda totk beast and the princess
Rumored Beast Zelda TOTK, Beast and the Princess

Where to Find Rumored Beast in Zelda TOTK Beast and the Princess

To find the rumored beast or the new animal species in the Zelda TOTK (or Tears of the Kingdom) Beast and the Princess side quest, the first step is to go to Lakeside Stable. It’s in the south of the map, kinda in the middle of nowhere. So, take a look at the screenshots below to see where it is. Talk to the stable keeper, and you’ll find out that the new animal species is right across the ravine from there. Now, those are not exactly precise instructions. So, head over to the pin we’ve shown you in the second screenshot below. That’s where you’ll find the beasts with giant, glowing tusks. Approach one of them after talking to the NPC Cima, and Penn will land, after which the quest will be done with.

So, that’s where you find the location of the new animal species, aka the rumored beast in the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (or TOTK) Beast and the Princess side quest. To begin this quest in the first place, you have to go to New Serenne Stable (as shown below) and talk to Penn there. That is, after you’ve already become a journalist for the Lucky Clover Gazette and completed a few quests for them. Although, I’m pretty certain you can find the beasts even before all that. I mean, you hear a ton about these creatures around every stable, and the one near Tabantha Bridge even has a fairly accurate painting of them. And sure, you might think it’s some kind of hysteria. It isn’t, they’re absolutely real.

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