Zelda TOTK Billson Mushrooms Sahasra Tower Unlock

Not sure how to activate the Sahasra Tower in Tears of the Kingdom? To unlock Sahasra Slope Tower in TOTK, you will need to figure out what mushroom does Billson want in TOTK. These Billson Cave Mushrooms pose a real puzzle as players simply don’t know where to find them. Read on as we explain where to find Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower Mushrooms.

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Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower Zelda TOTK, Cave & Mushrooms
TOTK Billson Mushroom Sahasra Slope Tower Unlock

How to Unlock Sahasra Slope Tower Tears of the Kingdom

When you reach the TOTK Sahasra Tower, you’ll meet Billson, the builder. He will explain that the Tower needs to be fixed. However, he’s unable to enter and fix it. That’s because the Sahasra Slope Tower door is locked, and Billson can not open it. If you try to open it, you will not be able as well. Billson says, “I worked up an appetite getting my brain into gear for this.” And he will tell you that the nearby caves have some tasty mushrooms. So, how to get Billson to open the door?

What Mushroom does Billson Want to Activate Sahasra Slope Tower in TOTK

The game and the dialogue with Billson imply that you must give him mushrooms to unlock the Sahasra Slope Tower. However, the game tricks you here! This has nothing to do with the Billson Cave Mushrooms. He only mentions the tasty mushrooms as a way to send you towards the caves at the bottom of the hill. The entrance to the cave is in the rock below the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. Check out our images below to know where to enter.

TOTK How to Get Into Sahasra Slope Tower From the Cave

Once you enter the cave, you’ll need to break many rock barriers to reach the central area. Inside, you’ll find a few enemies, a chest, and some opals and sapphires. There are some Billson mushrooms as well, but they are irrelevant. However, there’s seemingly no entrance to the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. The answer is in the rock barriers. You need to clear the rock barriers until you reveal a hidden passageway in the middle of the cave.

Eventually, you will find yourself directly below the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower. When you are directly below the Tower inside the caves, look up at the ceiling, and you’ll see a rock standing out from the others. The answer to how to enter the locked Sahasra Slope Tower is to use the Ascend ability here. This will propel you directly inside the Tower. When you enter the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower, you’ll see that two sticks block the door. Remove the sticks, and open the door. Billson will now finally enter inside and repair the Tower.

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