How to Swap Hearts for Stamina, Zelda TOTK Respec

In our How to Swap Hearts for Stamina, Zelda TOTK Respec, we are going to explain how you can trade hearts for stamina (and the other way around) in Tears of the Kingdom. And Rupees, because it will cost you. There’s a certain creepy statue (or type of statue) that lets you respec your Link by messing with your essences. The game doesn’t make the process look pleasant, but hey, it’s nice that you have the option.

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how to swap hearts for stamina zelda totk respec
How to Swap Hearts for Stamina, Zelda TOTK Respec

How to Respec in Zelda TOTK & Swap Hearts for Stamina

You can swap hearts for stamina and respec in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom at specific statues. The first one (and only for now) we’ve found was in Lookout Landing, in the Royal Hidden Passage. As you make your way through the passage by busting through rock barriers, keep your eye on the left. At one point, you’ll spot a speech bubble with a red exclamation mark behind another barrier. Clear the path, and you’ll find a horned, stooping statue. The way it speaks and looks are both very ominous, but it does fulfill the service. Talk to it, and it will explain how it works. You first sell a unit of health or stamina for 100 Rupees, then buy a unit of your choice for 120 Rupees.

And there you have it, that’s how you swap hearts for stamina and respec in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK. Or stamina for hearts, either way. Whatever you need. Now, do I necessarily recommend doing a lot of business with the scary statue? No, I don’t. Are there consequences for dealing with a clearly malicious entity? We don’t know; we’ve only done it the one or two times to test the system out. I doubt the developers would go that far, but who knows? Perhaps only swap stamina and hearts if it’s absolutely necessary. Like, if you’re running into some challenge that you simply cannot beat without rearranging your build.

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