Team Cece or Reede Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

“Team Cece or Team Reede” is a side adventure in Zelda TotK. In this little quest, Cece will ask that you win over Reede’s voters over to her side by giving them some special mushrooms. In total, there are eight voters that you need to find and give the mushrooms to. Cece is going to provide you with some clues as to where to look for them, but by and large, you’ll be left to figure out their locations yourselves. To help you complete the Team Cece or Team Reede quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, our guide is going to show you where to go to find all eight of them.

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Team Cece or Team Reede Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Team Cece or Team Reede Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Team Cece or Team Reede, Where to Find all Villagers

These eight villagers are: Tokk, Dantz, Koyin, Medda, Uma, Tamana, Leop, and Worten. They are scattered all around Hateno Village. If you are having trouble with finding any of them, go back to Cece for a hint. Also, if Koyin does not want to take your mushroom, it’s because you first have to get her grandfather’s message in a bottle from the lake for her. After that, she will agree to receive the mushroom. So let’s see where all of these charaters can be found:

  • Tokk: he can be found on his walk from the Research Lab to the Hateno Farm.
  • Dantz: look for him at Hateno Pasture.
  • Koyin: on a pier next to the pond at Hateno Farm.
  • Medda: working at the field close to Hateno School.
  • Uma: she is at the empty field near the Armor Shop.
  • Tamana: sweeping near the Haten Village West Well.
  • Leop: either at the inn during the night, or a short distance from Medda.
  • Worten: on the Inn’s balcony.
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