Zelda TOTK Hinox Locations Map, Farm Blue & Black Hinox

If you are looking for Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hinox locations, you’ve come to the right place! Hinox is back in TOTK, and they are as rare as ever. However, finding TOTK Hinox farming spots is essential, as their body parts, such as Hinox Guts and Hinox Tooth are required for numerous upgrades and recipes. Aside from normal Hinox, this guide provides you with Zelda TOTK Black Hinox and Blue Hinox locations and spawning spots as well.

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Tears of the Kingdom Hinox Locations Map
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Hinox Locations Map

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Hinox, the cyclops-like monsters from BotW, are back in TOTK. These massive monsters are slow and clumsy, but if they catch you, you’re as good as dead! However, fighting them in TOTK is necessary if you want to upgrade your gear, like the Fierce Deity armor set. Hinox Guts and Hinox Tooth are parts of many upgrades in Zelda TOTK. For that reason, finding Hinox locations in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the priorities in the Zelda community. In this guide, we have gathered all currently known TOTK Hinox spawn spots based on our findings and those of the players around the internet. Hence, without further ado check out some of the locations below.

Zelda TOTK Black Hinox Locations Map & Farming Spots

  • There’s a Black Hinox on the beach south of the Lakeside Stable, just west of Aris beach.
  • There is a Black Hinox in the cave under the Lomei Labyrinth Island.
  • A Black Hinox location in the amphitheatre under the Korok forest, close to the western Rootlight.

Black Hinox in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is probably one of the most sought-after. They are rare but important for upgrades and some rare drops. Alongside these three listed above, we’ve managed two find a couple more both on the Surface and in the Depths. Check out our TOTK Black Hinox spawning spots maps for the exact locations:

Zelda TOTK Blue Hinox Locations Map & Farming Spots

There’s a Blue Hinox location just south of Dueling Peaks, to the east of Popla Foothills. Aside from this one, we’ve found four more in the Surface and another four in the Depths. Check out our maps below for Zelda TOTK Blue Hinox locations:

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Red Hinox Locations Map & Farming Spots

  • A Red Hinox is at the Carok Bridge, west of the Hyrule Castle
  • A Red Hinox can be found in the Royal Underground Passage. This location unlocks once you complete any of the Regional Phenomena main quests.
  • You can find 3 Red Hinoxes on the fields between Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and the Great Hyrule.
  • There’s a Red Hinox spawn behind the Dueling Peaks Stable. It’s between the stable and the army boss fight with Bokoblins.
  • There’s a Red Hinox on the northern side of the Dueling Peaks, just west of Lake Siela.

Normal Hinox, also called Red Hinox, is probably the easiest one to find in the game. They are the most numerous and can be found in all corners of the world. Check out our two maps below so that you know Red Hinox farming spots in Zelda TOTK:

Community-shared Hinox Spawning Spots in Zelda TOTK

Below you can see some, but far from all, Tears of the Kingdom Hinox farming locations. Note that these TOTK Hinox Spawns are marked with skull and sword symbols on these maps. They are shared by various members of the Zelda community across the Internet.

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